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Finances are the foundation of any business, and it is difficult to overestimate the importance of professional management of cash flow. As a result, the top priority for any company is the professionalism of its managers, who should be familiar with all the modern accounting standards and techniques.
No one knows better than we do the importance of selecting the most highly qualified financial managers, because Finance and Audit is deservedly one of LRBs most prestigious departments.
The department was set up in 2002 with a group of consultants, all of whom had more than five years experience in Russias leading finance corporations and personnel agencies. Among its undisputed strengths is an unrivalled knowledge of Russias financial market: its trends, and its outstanding professionals. The department now has 16 staff members who complete more than 130 projects every year.

The departments staff includes three Executive Search consultants, six consultants in the Management Selection team, and also researchers and analysts.
Most of our consultants have degrees in a relevant financial discipline, and have substantial experience of working in banks, finance corporations or in one of the Big Four international audit companies.
Viktoria Philippova, manager of our Finance and Audit Department, is rated among the top ten executive search consultants in Russia by the Association of Russian Managers.

In 2006 we successfully completed two projects for the selection of management teams for the Russian representative offices of two major international banks.
The Department has an exclusive relationship for provision of personnel selection services with numerous financial corporations on the Russian market.

Victoria Filippova,
Head of Practice, Finance and Accounting

Viktoria graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (REA), specializing in Economics and Labor Sociology and completed a course of financial management at University of Maryland, USA.
Before joining LRB she workedfor the severalleading Russian banks.
She has worked in the field of consulting and executive search for over6 years.
She joined LRB in 2001 and became the head of the Department of Finance and Accounting in 2002.
In 2004, according to the rating of the Association of Managers of Russia, Victoria Fillipova was ranked among the top ten most professional consultants in the field of Executive Search in Russia.
The Department grew fivefold since she joined the company, while the number of projects increased more thanten times.

Department structure:

Main directions of selection:

- Financial analysts
- Credit analysts
- Tax audit specialists
- Corporate Reporting Specialists
- Planning & Analysis Department Managers
- Budget planning specialists
- Internal audit
- Methodology
- Treasury
- Investment attraction specialists
- Corporate reporting
- IAS methodology specialists

Successful projects:

Executive Search:
- Managing team, one of the biggest international bank
- CFO, international investment holding
- CFO, large industrial holding
- CFO, large telecom company
- Head of finance department, western investment bank

Management Selection:
- Deputy head of internal audit department, large industrial holding
- Finance manager, international insurance company
- Financial controller, pharmaceutical holding
- Senior auditor, large oil & gas company
- Head of IFRS department, one of the biggest insurance company
- Head of US GAAP department, large financial holding
- Head of statistic reporting department, large finance corporation
- Treasury director, large construction company

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