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In recent years, in common with other market sectors, pharmaceutics has experienced significant growth. In competing for customers, companies are endeavouring to develop new and more effective medicines, and at the same time demands are increasing not only on technology but also on marketing and sales professionals, since there are considerable difficulties in promoting new products on this market.
In view of the increasing demand for professional staff in this sector, and the continuing growth of complexity in staff selection projects, in 2002 a Pharmaceutics Department was established to specialize in this market.
The Pharmaceutics Department is continuing to expand, and it now has five staff members. In 2006 the department completed 53 projects, and this figure was almost 50% up on the figure for 2005.
Among LRBs undoubted advantages in this market are an unrivalled knowledge of the sector and extensive experience in completing untypical projects.

Olga Voroshilova,
Head of Practice, Pharmacy

Olga graduated from the Higher School of Economics, specializing in Management.
She has worked in the field of personnel consulting and executive search for over 10 years.
From 1995 until 2000 Olga was the head of a human resources agency in Nizhny Novgorod. She joined LRB in 2000. She became the Chief of the Department of Pharmaceuticals in 2003.
In 2004 Olga Voroshilova was ranked among the top ten most professional consultants in the field of executive search in Russia, according to the rating of the Association of Managers of Russia.

Department structure:

Main directions of selection:
- Product managers
- Regional representatives
- Clinical research associate
- Market research specialists
- Specialists of cooperation with state bodies

Successful projects:

Executive search
- Marketing director in the large pharmaceutical holding
- The head of russian representation in the international farmaceutical company
- Commercial director in the international farmaceutical company
- Operational director in the large farmaceutical company
- Country manager in the large pharmaceutical holding

Management sellection
- Group product manager
- Regulatory affairs manager
- Clinical research associate
- Manager of cooperation with key clients
- Development manager
- ETMS manager
- Medical associate
- Market analyst

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