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1993 Company Penny Lane Personnel is founded within the framework of holding company Penny Lane.
1995 Team of consultants is formed and subdivision is being created to carry out projects on Executive search.
1997 The Executive search subdivision is spun off from Penny Lane holding company . The company continued on under its own brand of Penny Lane Consulting Ltd.
2000 Translation agency Penny Lane Translations is founded under the auspices of the human resources agency Penny Lane Consulting Ltd.
2002 Company Penny Lane Industries is created within the framework of Penny Lane Consulting Ltd. It offers outsourcing (outstaffing) and payroll services.
2003 The company becomes an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce.
2004 Penny Lane Consulting Ltd. becomes one of the top five companies in Russia in the field of human resources search according to the Top 20 Best Human Resources Agencies rating.
Penny Lane Consulting receives the highest rating in the Recruitment, Personnel Consulting category of the International Integrated Rating of Consulting Companies.
Company consultants Olga Voroshilova and Viktoria Fillipova are rated in the top ten consultants in the field of executive search in Russia, according to the rating conducted by the Association of Managers of Russia.
2005 Sergey Razhev, the Managing Director of the company, is rated in group A of the rating of the most professional top managers of Russia, according to the rating carried out by the Association of Managers of Russia.
Lia Basaria, Director of Marketing and PR, and Aleksey Baskakov, Director of IT, enter the rating of distinguished managers of Russia conducted by the Association of Managers of Russia.
2006 The company begins to offer services conducting salary research of specialists in various fields.
May 2006 Rebranding. The company continues its work under a new name, LRB.
At present, the company employs over 150 specialists who annually complete over 1500 personnel search projects at different levels. All Rights Reserved Home Site map Contacts

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Throughout our partnership with LRB, Representation office of Grey SIS Werbeagentur GmbH succeeded in significantly strengthening its staff with new highly qualified professionals.  At present time we continue to work with LRB on a number of key positions and we are sure of the future success due to your professional approach.

A.I. Kovylov, Managing Director

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