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After multiple requests from our clients, in 2006 LRB created a separate department to conduct marketing research in the human resources market and prepare salary surveys for specialists of different levels in various fields.

Our surveys possess a remarkable feature: they are carried out with participation of not only specialists occupying positions that are being researched, but also with participation of the Director of HR and independent market experts. This enables us to provide not just numbers, but thorough analysis of the market.

Depending on the client's wishes we can conduct a general salary survey for a particular market, as well as a detailed research for several specific positions.

The main components of the survey are:

  • Analysis of a particular market, its tendencies and characteristic features
  • Tables of salary levels for specialists which include the following:
    - dynamics in salary change for specialists for the past several years
    - size and payment policy of guaranteed and non-guaranteed bonuses
    - structure of social benefits packet and its elements
  • Comments by market experts on the results received in the survey

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Clients about us

AIG Life
On behalf of AIG Russia, CJSC I would like to express gratitude to LRB for its work in the field of personnel search for our company for the past four years.
During that time LRB insurance sector consultants have shown professionalism, good understanding of tendencies on the insurance market, ability to react quickly to changes in our requirements and complete quite complicated orders within specified timeframes.
I would recommend LRB with pleasure as a reliable and effective company.

Irina Kniazevskaia, Director of Personnel, AIG Russia Insurance Company

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