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- Director of department of reinsurance
- Chief of the underwriting section
- Risk manager
- Chief underwriter (for several areas of insurance)
- Manager of agent network development


- Personnel Manager for a leading Russian oil company
- Manager of Training and Development for a leading American bank
- Regional Manager of Recruitment for an industrial holding

Finance and Accounting:

- Deputy Chief of Service of Internal Audit for a large industrial holding
- Financial Manager for an international insurance company
- Financial Controller for a pharmaceutical holding
- Senior Auditor for a large oil and gas company
- Chief of Section of US GAAP for a large financial holding
- Chief of Section of Statistical Reporting for a large financial corporation
- Treasurer for a large construction company

Banking and Investments:

- Expert for a section of treasury sales
- Analyst for an investment section
- Chief of section of corporate finance

Advertisement, Marketing, PR:

- Manager for key clients' accounts for an international advertisement agency
- Chief of group for media planning for a Western media company
- Manager of PR for a large industrial production company


- Product Manager for a product group
- Manager of Registration of Medicinal Drugs
- Specialist for Clinical Trial
- Manager of Key Clients' Accounts
- Manager of Regional Development


- Chief Engineer
- Director of Production
- Director of Quality Control

Oil and Gas:

- Engineer for oil field mining
- Engineer for drilling
- Oil trader
- Project manager for gas station construction
- Project engineer for oil refinery construction

Real Estate and Construction:

- Director of Marketing
- Director of Construction
- Project Manager
- Consulting Division Chief
- Chief of Real Estate Division

Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

- National Manager of Key Clients' Accounts
- Manager of Business Development
- Director of Transportation Operations
- Manager of Sales Marketing
- Manager of Market Research
- Director of Commodity Transfer


- Senior lawyer for department of corporate policy for a large industrial holding
-В Head of Law Department for a large commercial holding
- Corporate Secretary for an investment holding

Electronics and Home Appliances:

- Director of Maintenance
- Senior Product Manager
- Regional Director of Sales
- Chief of Department of Planning
- Director of Marketing

IT and Telecommunications:

- Manager of IT for a large international bank
- Manager of Key Clients' Accounts, Oil and Gas Sector, for a Western IT manufacturer and service provider
- Manager of Competitive Strategy for a major Western IT manufacturer
- Manager of Strategic Outsourcing Projects for a Western IT manufacturer and service provider
- Manager of SAP Installation for an international FMCG company

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Tarantula has been working successfully with LRB for the past 6 years, growing our businesses side by side. LRB have consistently delivered against our changing requirements over-time, satisfying our hunger for talented and driven individuals to join our growing teams. The positive attitude of the Advertising/PR team has done much to contribute to the partnership nature of our businesses relationship which is built on mutuality, trust and continued delivery.
Tarantula is grateful to LRB for it’s continued high professional standards and commitment to our business here in Russia – long may it continue.


Mark Huntley, General Director

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