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Cornerstone is one of the leading companies in the Russian human resources services market, specializing in the field of personnel selection at the executive level and personnel consulting. The company was founded in 1993, and until May 2006 operated under the name of Penny Lane Consulting Ltd.

Today the team conducting management selection projects consists of 65 professional consultants who have worked in the field for over four years.

At Cornerstone, business is conducted according to the principle of specialization in a particular field: each consultant deals with personnel recruitment in a particular business field which involves thorough knowledge of the market. All consultants offer specialized approach to candidate search and have the necessary qualifications to successfully carry out the most complicated jobs.

The value of our consultants is in the combination of experience in working directly in the field of top management recruitment, as well as experience in working in a particular business field. We are constantly searching for new, promising executives who can demonstrate successful performance levels (reputation, achievements) and strong potential. Cornerstone consultants consider candidates based on requirements of a specific field and the corporate culture of the client, and can correctly assess the effectiveness of a professional on the basis of such characteristics.

Our business at times takes us beyond national borders; we have completed a number of projects selecting the right candidates outside of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Razhev, Managing Director of Cornerstone, is among the Top 1000 Most Professional Executive Managers in Russia. Our work is geared towards our clients' interests and our goal is to meet their demands and requests to the maximum.

Cornerstone clients are world renowned largest Russian and international companies which are leading the market in their own segments.

Cornerstone has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce since 2003 and a member of the Association of European Businesses and the Russian Association of Managers since 2007.

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AIG Life
On behalf of AIG Russia, CJSC I would like to express gratitude to Cornerstone for its work in the field of personnel search for our company for the past four years.
During that time Cornerstone insurance sector consultants have shown professionalism, good understanding of tendencies on the insurance market, ability to react quickly to changes in our requirements and complete quite complicated orders within specified timeframes.
I would recommend Cornerstone with pleasure as a reliable and effective company.

Irina Kniazevskaia, Director of Personnel, AIG Russia Insurance Company

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