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The banking market in Russia at present is experiencing spectacular growth.  In order to compete on equal terms with the leading western players, Russian banks have to impose increasingly rigorous demands on their staff, which in turn leads to a reduction in the numbers of potential candidates for vacancies, particularly at senior level.  This can only exacerbate the shortage of professionals, which first arose because of the recent emergence in Russia of western methods of doing business, accounting systems, and the ever-increasing demand for market transparency.

The department now has 22 staff who specialise in particular selection areas.  The team is divided into personnel selection for investment and commercial banks, and also for particular areas within such financial institutions.  All our consultants have more than five years’ experience of working in banks or personnel selection.  Last year saw the completion of more than 200 projects for the selection of managers at varying levels.
Among the department’s strengths are a finely-tuned market knowledge, long-standing relations with leading managers at all levels, and also work with the major financial institutions both in Russia and abroad.

Natalia Silkina,
Director, Banking&Investment, Management Selection
Natalia graduated from the State Academy of Management, named after S. Ordzhonikidze, specializing in Applied Sociology and Human Resources. Natalia started her career in Commonwealth Resources, and then she moved to UNEXIMBANK as a relationship officer within Custody. She also worked in ROSBANK as a Head of Sales& Marketing department. Since 2000 she performed as head of custody in Investment Company, deputy general manager and finally as CEO of AM Company. Natalia joined LRB in 2005 as a consultant and very soon she led MS Team. Head of Practice, Banking and Investments

Main directions of selection:

- Back-office/Operations
- Forex/Money Market Back-office
- Payments
- Securities Back-office
- Middle-office
- Custody
- Treasury
- Compliance/Securities Compliance
- Risk Management
- Wealth Management
- Structured Products
- Relationship Management

Management Selection:

- Deputy Custody Operations Manager, Western Investment Bank
- Head of Financial Markets Settlements, Western Investment Bank
- Compliance Controller, Western Investment Bank
- Project Manager, Custody Operations, Western Investment Bank
- Corporate Action Specialist, Western Investment Bank
- Settlements Operation Specialist, Western Investment Bank
- Deputy Head of equity operations, Western Investment Bank
- Regulatory Reporting Specialist, Leading Western Bank
- Middle - Office Operations Specialist, Leading Western Bank
- Client Service Representative, Leading Western bank
- Senior specialist WM Operations, Leading Investment Bank

Department structure:

(department vacancies)

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