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Competition in the Russian consumer goods market is traditionally high, and market share is often very important. The appearance of western companies on the Russian market has increased competition for competent professionals, and raised the standards imposed on them.

The Department of FMCG, Retail & HoReCa began its work with LRB itself in 1993. Over the years it has compiled a database of market professionals without parallel in Russia, and it has unique experience in this sector, which makes it one of the best providers of selection services for FMCG, Retail and HoReCa in Russia.
At present the department has 10 staff members who complete more than 150 selection projects each year at different levels. Our consultants have substantial experience in the market, and they specialise in selection services for a particular sector within the whole department.

Bela Dzasokhova,
Head of practice FMCG, Retail and HoReCa

Graduated from the Moscow Government Commercial Institute specializing in Economics and International Law, diploma of Master in Economical journalism, advertising, marketing and PR, Moscow State University.
Bela started her professional activity in HR in 1986. For 8 years she was leading her own business, later she worked as Commercial Director and Advertising and Marketing Director in large international companies. All this experience has indeed enriched Bela with the profound knowledge of all the subtleties of these business administration spheres.
Bela has joined LRB in 2003 as the Industrial Department Director. In 2004 she was appointed the Head of FMCG, Retail and HoReCa departments.

Department structure:

Main directions of selection:

- Marketing: Market Research Specialists, Brand Managers, BTL Specialists
- Sales: Sales Analyst, Business Development Managers, Regional Sales Specialists.
- Supply Chains: Warehouse Operations Specialists, Customer Service Specialists, Purchasing Specialists
- Retail: Retail Development Managers, Store Managers, Category managers in food, cosmetics & perfume and apparel retail, Retail Operations Managers.
- HoReCa: Restaurant and Hotel Directors, Banquet Managers.

Successful projects:

Executive Search
- Infrastructure Vice-President, federal retail chain
- Marketing Director, large trade and production company
- Logistics Director, large trade and production company
- Commercial Director, russian aircompany
- Commercial Director, large retail chain
- Club Hotel Director

Management Selection
- National Key Account Director
- Business Development Manager
- Group Brand Manager
- Transportation Director
- Trade Marketing Manager
- Market Research Manager
- Supply Chain Manager
- Brand Manager
- Retail Director
- External Logistic Director

(department vacancies)

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