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After the stagnation of the 90s, the industrial sector of the Russian economy started to develop rapidly, and many western companies entered the market as well. It is this area that has one of the highest demands for experienced staff who are familiar with a particular industry, and they are in very short supply. Quite commonly such professionals have to be sought from abroad, which increases the difficulty of selection, and means that those responsible for personnel selection must have a high degree of professionalism.

The Industry Department consists of eight consultants, each of whom have more than five years experience in the industrial sector. The department has set up a database which includes more than 30,000 specialists who work either in Russia or abroad.
The professionalism of our consultants, who maintain close links with the leading market specialists, and also our substantial database, enable this department to undertake the most complex searches in a short timeframe.
Over the last year the department has fulfilled more than 100 orders for the selection of personnel at varying levels.

Dmitry Akopov,
Head of Industrial Practice

Dmitry graduated from University of Colorado, USA.
From 1999 deputy sales director NTV+.
He joined LRB in 2001 as business development director. From 2002 head of industrial practice. Number of projects, released by the department per year, increased more than 4 times, since 2002 by now.
Among Dmitrys successful projects placements of general managers and CEOs for the leading Russian industrial and agricultural holdings.

Department structure:

Main directions of selection:

- Tube-rolling
- Aluminium industry
- Steel industry
- Chemical industry
- Coal industry
- The agroindustrial complex
- Non-Ferrous metals
- Woodworking industry
- Power engineering

Among our successful projects:

Executive Search
- Director General, agricultural company
- Director General, machine-building holding
- Director General, industrial holding
- Deputy Director General of a trading house
- Head of Representative Office, Western industrial company
- Project Manager (Power Engineering), industrial holding
- Head of Industrial Fittings Division, large metallurgical holding

Management Selection
- Leading Engineer
- QC Manager
- Head of Mineral Fertilizers Export Sales Department
- Head of Representative Office, Western machine-tool factory
- Project Manager (Trolley Buses), machine-building holding
- HSE Manager

(department vacancies)

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