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Outstaffing is a means of personnel management that allows companies to regulate the number of employees without changing the actual size of staff.

This service includes:

  • Employee enrollment as company staff and processing in accordance with labor and civil law.
  • Management of employee work-record books and other personnel paperwork
  • Calculation and payment of salaries, deductions towards funds established by Russian law
  • Processing of sick leave medical certificates, annual leave, and other necessary certificates for employees
  • Resolution of disputes and conflicts

Additional possibilities:

  • Insurance processing and training for employees enrolled in Brightmen Recruiters staff
  • Processing of employee's business trips
  • Processing of employees of a client company to join Brightmen Recruiters staff in any region of the Russian Federation

Outstaffing allows companies to:

  • Decrease the staff size without loosing professional personnel
  • Enroll employees in Brightmen Recruiters staff during their trial period
  • Decrease workload in accounting and personnel management
  • Work in Russia's regions without opening branches and affiliates
  • Increase the staff size while preserving a small business status


Payroll is wage calculation services.

Payroll service includes the following:

  • Calculation of wages and other payments to employees of client company
  • Calculation of taxes, duties and dues/fees into/for non-budgetary funds in connection with employee compensation:
    Income tax for employees of client company
    Insurance payments into Pension Fund, Social Security Fund, Population Employment Fund, Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance
    Other taxes and duties as set by the law and dealing with compensation of private persons
  • Providing information required for compilation of payroll documents
  • Providing information to the Pension Fund in order to receive individual certificates for employees
  • Processing of work-record books and other personnel documentation for employees in accordance with present labor law
  • Processing of sick leave medical certificates
  • Resolving disputes and conflict situations with employees
  • Completing paperwork for training and insurance for employees
  • Completing paperwork for business travel for employees

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Clients about us

Tarantula has been working successfully with LRB for the past 6 years, growing our businesses side by side. LRB have consistently delivered against our changing requirements over-time, satisfying our hunger for talented and driven individuals to join our growing teams. The positive attitude of the Advertising/PR team has done much to contribute to the partnership nature of our businesses relationship which is built on mutuality, trust and continued delivery.
Tarantula is grateful to LRB for it’s continued high professional standards and commitment to our business here in Russia – long may it continue.


Mark Huntley, General Director

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