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Категория "Банки и инвестиции"

Код вакансии: 10.668

Вакансия: Analyst, Investment Banking Division Вакансия закрыта

Компания: Leading Western Investment Bank

Место работы: Moscow

- Strong financial modelling skills
- Robust financial and analytical skill set
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- High degree of intellectual curiosity
- Solid work ethic and motivation level
- Mergers and Acquisitions experience
- Extensive experience within Investment Banking
- Fluency in Russian and English

Responsibilities include creating and analyzing financial models, organizing and preparing client presentations, helping manage transaction processes, assisting in structuring transactions and participating in and conducting due diligence sessions a necessary component of financial transactions


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Tarantula has been working successfully with LRB for the past 6 years, growing our businesses side by side. LRB have consistently delivered against our changing requirements over-time, satisfying our hunger for talented and driven individuals to join our growing teams. The positive attitude of the Advertising/PR team has done much to contribute to the partnership nature of our businesses relationship which is built on mutuality, trust and continued delivery.
Tarantula is grateful to LRB for it’s continued high professional standards and commitment to our business here in Russia – long may it continue.


Mark Huntley, General Director

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