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Категория "Финансы и аудит"

Код вакансии: 20415

Вакансия: Tax Manager Вакансия закрыта

Компания: Лидирующая инвестиционная компания

Job Title: Tax Manager

General Job Description: The Tax Manager's role consists of the development of a clear company tax strategy by developing appropriate policies, implementing processes and procedures which comply with all the governing legislation of the Russian Federation for the purpose of minimizing the company's tax obligations.

Job description and area of responsibility:

1. Develop the appropriate tax policy, regulations and procedures and ensure their subsequent execution.
2. Prepare requests to the tax authorities and MinFin and develop the company's tax position in respect of unclear or questionable tax issues
3. Participate in considering issues and strategies pertaining to the company's overal financial operations.
4. Participate and lobby the company's interest in the meeting of authorities involving in development of tax legislation (NAUFOR, RSPP, etc)
5. Advise on developing tax issues and legislative changes, as well as a relevant explanation of their implications.
6. Answer on tax questions received from the clients in respect of the company's position re taxation of the client income

Job Requirements:

The applicant must be familiar with:

tax and accounting legislation of the Russian Federation;
statutes and regulations governing the company's financial and tax issues;
the principles of market economics, entrepreneurship and business conduct;
pricing and tax procedures;
business ethics;
and must have five or more years experience in finance/tax

The applicant must be able to:

ensure operating efficiency;
understand a variety of financial and accounting systems, and be able to apply such knowledge in his work;
provide company management with necessary and timely information by compiling a complete, accurate and timely progress report and prognosis, and be able to decide crucial key issues by conducting in-depth analysis and taking bold, constructive decisions;
demonstrate high integrity and understand important issues that move the business agenda forward;
work as a team member, demonstrating respect for other cultures and points of view;


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