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Код вакансии: 20485

Вакансия: Internal Auditor Вакансия закрыта

Experience/Skills Graduate with 6-8 year’s audit experience. Ideal candidate would have previous auditing experience and a strong performance record in an investment bank or the financial services sector, either external or internal audit experience.

 Degree-level qualification
 Must have excellent interpersonal skills and strong verbal and written communication skills in English and an authoritative manner.
 Has to be extremely familiar with CBR regulations and local legislation
 Must be able to work to deadlines and prioritise well across multiple tasks
 Keen to learn new information, adopt new skills and with the ability to identify and suggest process innovations to systems and processes
 Strong analytical skills
 Keen interest in financial markets and investment products
 Must be a self-starter who can work well in a small team
 Client focus orientation

Position Description
 Regional Internal Auditor – MCD
 Summary The Management Controls Department (MCD) is the firm’s internal audit function. The department reviews the firm’s businesses on a regular cycle preparing reports to management on issues identified and tracking their resolution.
 The Moscow auditor position will require the candidate to take on a significant role, providing independent control assurance to senior management within the Russian bank.
 The role will include planning and executing internal audits throughout the Bank as well as external reporting to Regulators, internal filings, and assessing the development of internal policies and new procedures.
 It will also require the candidate to undertake a complex and varied range of work assignments in different areas of the Bank, covering a broad range of products and functions.
 Principal Responsibilities Implementation of Internal Audit’s risk based audit methodology and approaches;
 Planning and executing an annual audit plan
 risk assessing each area to be reviewed to determine the scope of the review, prepare an audit program, conduct audit testing, and prepare an audit report to summarise the findings
 Tracking and reporting the resolution of outstanding audit issues
 Regular interaction with and reporting to the Bank’s senior management and Supervisory Board
 Cooperation with external auditors and statutory supervisory bodies;
 Working on firmwide risk control projects around new processes or new activities and preparing for the introduction of new regulatory requirements
 Business risk assessment of strategic partnerships and deals;
 Review and assessment of financial planning and budgeting procedures and current year budget formulation.
 Assessing the Bank’s local internal polices and procedures
 Assessing the effectiveness of the Bank’s risk management functions
 Assessing conformance of internal banking documents and instructions with external regulations.
 Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of all CBR related reporting
 Liaising with MCD global management


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